Worship Evening

Please feel free to ask us for the next date, time and place of upcoming worship evenings. 

In addition to the Freiburg House of Prayer, the open skies-worship evenings form the second large area of our ministry.

One of the main goals is to strengthen the importance of worship and intercession. At the same time, we want to create spaces and opportunities for interdenominational openness, where Christians from different backgrounds can worship Jesus and intercede together.

We trust the biblical promises (in Psalm 133, John 17 and others) that God blesses the meetings of believers from different churches and congregations,  positive effects for our cities and regions.

Beginning in 2001, we have been organising these non-denominational worship and prayer evenings in various Freiburg churches every 2-3 months. Currently, the focus in on churches close to the city center.


How do these evenings look like?

The emphasis of an evening is on corporate worship and intercession. It normally begins with a short introduction which indicates the prayer focus for the evening. An MC, prayer leader and music band normally lead through the evening with a mixture of old and modern praise songs. Visitors often have the opportunity to intercede for certain issues via an open mic.

The worship evenings have the clear focus of asking God for his blessing for our city and country. These evenings are not primarily for the visitors' personal concerns, instead we want to corporately pray that God's kingdom will continue to grow in our city and country and that blessings and salvation will flow to the people.