At the end of the nineties, Rainer Harter got the impulse to found a ministry of prayer and reconciliation in Freiburg, which is based on the model of the so-called "tabernacle of David" - a sanctuary built by King David in a revolutionary way, which was strongly shaped by praise and worship. A ministry, but also an actual place, was in the making, where Christians of all denominations came together to pray. At this place, worship of God and intercession for the world and fellow human beings were never supposed to cease and help the body of Christ (the sum of different Christian churches and congregations) to be healed and strengthened.

In 2001 a small team started to organise worship evenings every two months under the name "open skies". In 2003 the non-profit organisation 'open skies e.V.' was founded and in addition to the regular worship evenings that still take place in various Christian churches, the 'House of Prayer' was created as another pillar of the organisation.  A room in the town centre was rented for this purpose. In addition to regular weekly prayer hours, ''24 hour prayers'' were being held there every two months (alternating with the worship evenings) for the following 10 years. In the meantime the goal 24/7 (prayer around the clock on all 7 days of the week) has come into view. Currently, the only "gaps" in the timetable are during the nights and at the weekends.

As the prayer room with the continuous prayer developed more and more into the heart of the organisation, the original name of the ministry and organisation 'open skies e.V.' took a back seat and the work is now perceived as 'Freiburg House of Prayer' (in German: Gebetshaus Freiburg).

Next to the ' open skies worship evenings ' the House of Prayer has other branches of ministry.

We are happy that together as a community we can be on this journey of pursuing this holy God and are excited to see which depths of his presence and magnitude of his glory he will lead us into in the coming years.